Converge are proud to have been involved in development of a Heritage Landscape Master Plan (HLMP) for the Tingalpa Pioneers' Chapel and Cemetery in Brisbane.

In 2012 it was awarded a High commendation in the National Trust of Queensland, Queensland Heritage Council Award for Conservation of places on the Queensland Heritage Register.

christchurch-tingalpa-historical-imageChrist Church was decommissioned by the Anglican Church in 1996 however, members of the Tingalpa community mobilised to prevent the demolition of the Church and in 2002 the Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage Group Inc was formed. The church and grounds were entered on the Queensland Heritage Register and the Group raised funds to restore the chapel which is now used for weddings, funerals and other events.

This restoration work won the 2008 Queensland National Trust GOLD Award, and an innovative Q150 students' project on Colonial Living History earned the 2009 Queensland National Trust GOLD Award.

An innovative approach to overcoming logistic, technical and other problems.

christchurch-tingalpa-surveying-groundsAn important requirement of this project was to determine the existence and location of existing graves in the burial ground. Utilising historical research, conservation planning, archaeology and landscape architecture disciplines – as well as technology available through Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR), the Project has carefully developed an innovative approach to overcome previous uncertainties relating to burials on the site.

This work enabled us to develop a series of best-practice policies, guidelines and strategies that address conservation issues, land use (including new burials), landscaping and interpretation.

These findings directly guided a landscape plan (conceptual) which now guides future use prospects for the site.

Exemplary best practice approach to conservation planning and works in accordance with Burra Charter principles.

The purpose and methodology of the project reflected the conservation principles outlined in the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter, 1999. For example, the assessment of the grounds from a landscape perspective ensured the historic setting of the place is now properly assessed and can be more readily conserved, whilst also allowing for minor changes which promote re-use of the place.

This project required a re-assessment of the existing Conservation Management Plan (CMP).

The knowledge gained from the research and physical investigation allowed a reassessment of the existing CMP for the place, which had previously focussed largely on the chapel building. The new information expanded the scope of the existing documentation, thus adding to the understanding of the church grounds and its significance.

The purpose of a HLMP is to promote long-term conservation outcomes for a place.

The policies, guidelines and maintenance advice will ensure that the Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage Group Inc have all the information and assistance necessary to maintain the ongoing use of the place well into the future.

Research on this project required a diverse and highly-skilled cultural heritage team.

The use of GPR to confirm the results of the research involved a high level of technical skill. A geophysicist affiliated with the University of Sydney undertook the GPR analysis of the burial grounds. The project team also included a landscape architect and conservation planners with extensive heritage experience in the conservation of cemeteries.

Project Team

  • Jackie Butler – Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage Group Inc;
  • Keith Anderson – Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage Group Inc;
  • Benjamin Gall – Converge Heritage + Community;
  • Till Sonnermann – University of Sydney;
  • Erin Finnegan – Converge Heritage + Community;
  • Samantha Syrmis – Converge Heritage + Community; and
  • Catherine Brouwer – Catherine Brouwer Landscape Architects (CBLA).

The Tingalpa Pioneers' Chapel - Cemetery Heritage and Landscape Master Plan (HLMP) for the former Tingalpa Anglican Christ Church and burial ground was prepared in 2012, on behalf of the Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage Group Inc with the support of the owners, the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane. The Tingalpa Church and burial ground are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register (Place ID 601799).

The project team would like to acknowledge the following individuals and organisations, including:

  • The Gambling Community Benefit Fund for funding the project;
  • The Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane for their support;
  • The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection;
  • The late Rod Murphy, Committee Member, for his research and upgrading of the burial register and cemetery plan; and
  • Rick Miles, Senior Team Leader BCC Hemmant Cemetery & Crematorium, for his support and advice.

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