The Challenge

Contamination Samplng MonitoringContamination Samplng Monitoring for the Gympie Scottish Mine Conservation Management PlanThe No. 1 Scottish Gympie Mine and Battery QHR Precinct is located at the corner of Brisbane Road and Langton Road, Monkland via Gympie, Gympie. It encompasses an area of 11.47ha. The No. 1 Scottish Gympie Mine and Battery lies within a Queensland Heritage Registered place (ID: 600536) which comprises the former Scottish No. 1 and No. 3 mines and concentration plant/battery and other infrastructure associated with the No. 1 mine.

The mine became the most successful gold mine in the Gympie region between 1895 and 1923 when it was operated by the Scottish Gympie Gold Mines Limited. The mine lease was purchased in 1924 by a syndicate, but relinquished the same year. The lease was then taken up by W. Runge and O. Alexander in 1927 and remained with the Runge family until the 1960s. Cooloola Shire (now Gympie Regional Council) assumed control of lot in 1986.

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum had been negotiating with Cooloola Shire to take over management of the place and wished to assess the potential adaptive reuse of the site as a tourist destination.

The Project

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum commissioned Converge to:

  • Prepare a conservation management plan for the place which included a history of the mine, a description of the material remains, a comparative analysis of the material remains with other gold mine and concentration plants both nationally and within Queensland to establish its rarity and/or representativeness, an assessment of its significance, identification and assessment of the feasibility of re-use options for the place and the structures within the place, identify additional works required to stabilise and make safe the place, and identify further planning requirements prior to the development of any re-use options
  • Prepare a statement of heritage impact to enable a contamination investigation of the place
  • Undertake archaeological monitoring during the contamination investigation.

The Outcome

The Conservation Management Plan will provide a considered approach for future developments at the site within a framework of heritage best practice processes.

Following the successful application to conduct contamination investigations at the place, archaeological monitoring ensured that legislative obligations in relation to the place were met.

It also established that an area of 1890s streetscape still existed under later developments at the place. Consideration of its adaptive re-use is ongoing.

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