Converge Heritage + Community and Archaeo Cultural Heritage Services (together the Converge/Archaeo Group) consult in all areas of cultural heritage, including Aboriginal and historic.  

We have a core team of professionals who provide strategic advice on cultural heritage to a diverse range of clients across both public and private enterprise, from concept and strategy for the development and delivery of heritage projects, to peer reviews.

heritage conservation stanthorpe wind farm

Our Historic Heritage services address all facets of historic heritage work, ranging from assessments through to development approvals for major projects.

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indigenous consultation native title

Converge has extensive experience in Indigenous heritage, including consultation and facilitation with Aboriginal parties, development and facilitation of Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs), and environmental review and EIS assessment for Indigenous heritage.

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remanufactured-artefacts-2010-services-introArchaeo Cultural Heritage Services has provided high level strategic and technical advice to Traditional Owner groups, including assisting groups and their legal advisors in the development and negotiation of hundreds of ILUAs, CHMPs and CHMAs.

Converge has extensive, ‘on the ground’, practical experience in assisting Traditional Owner groups in the implementation of their obligations under these agreements, including in relation to employment and OH&S as well as from a cultural heritage management perspective.

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research and interpretation replicated artefacts

Our experience in Indigenous and historical archaeology is extensive, ranging from large-scale urban excavations, site analysis and recording, due diligence assessments, planning assessments, field and site surveys and artefact analysis.

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heritage conservation brisbane city hallConverge works with a diverse range of clients in the infrastructure industry, including mining, transport, pipelines, gas, electricity and water. We can provide every cultural heritage service required in the development of infrastructure projects.

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heritage conservation dudgeon pointConverge can provide all the services required to gain approval for work to heritage places, as well as a detailed analysis of heritage legislation and planning requirements at the local, state and national levels.

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heritage-interpretation-services-introInterpretation is strategic communication that enhances visitor experience of your site or venue. Our expertise encompasses historic, Indigenous and natural heritage interpretation research and planning. Our services include interpretation strategies, master planning and interpretive content for natural, Indigenous and historic landscapes and places, including World Heritage. 

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  • Heritage Strategy
  • Heritage Assessment
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Conservation Management
  • Heritage Planning and Design
  • Compliance / Approvals
  • Indigenous Consultation
  • Native Title
  • Aboriginal Heritage
  • Heritage Interpretation
  • Community Consultation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Facilitation

Our Clients

  • Heritage Architects
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Local Government and Council
  • State and Federal Goverment
  • Resources and Mining
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Tourism
  • Traditional Owner Groups

Contact Us

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07 4031 2355

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