Archaeo Cultural Heritage Services has provided high level strategic and technical advice to Traditional Owner groups, including assisting groups and their legal advisors in the development and negotiation of hundreds of ILUAs, CHMPs and CHMAs.

Converge has extensive, ‘on the ground’, practical experience in assisting Traditional Owner groups in the implementation of their obligations under these agreements, including in relation to employment and OH&S as well as from a cultural heritage management perspective.

Converge is also unique in offering its Traditional Owner clients the option of employment services for their negotiators, coordinators and field officers and currently employs more than 250 casual Traditional Owner field officers.

These services include:

  • An employment “umbrella” for all Traditional Owner representatives (cultural heritage officers in the field, Coordinators, Applicants, representatives attending meetings and functions etc.), including full employment, PAYG and superannuation documentation and complete insurance and professional liability cover
  • The ability to pay cultural heritage workers upfront while having the financial reserves to invoice proponents on agreed terms
  • Management of a culturally appropriate workplace, incorporating extensive experience in organising and running large field programs in a variety of environments
  • Booking, logistics and implementation of training and development programs for cultural heritage workers, such as generic coal industry inductions, white cards, 4WD training and first aid as well as the development and implementation of 'country specific' field officer training (for example, artefact recognition, excavation, and GPS usage
  • Coordination of field teams, site visits, and meeting arrangements
  • Being the “point of contact” for the group if requested and assisting in the drafting of communications
  • Dissemination of information to relevant people in the group, as per instructions from the applicants of the Native Title Claim Group or their nominated representatives
  • Opportunities to explore joint venture opportunities utilising our financial, employment and OH&S systems

Recent experience in Traditional Owner Employment, Training and Facilitation

Butchulla People - Traditional Owners of World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and the Adjacent Mainland

ARCHAEO has worked in close cooperation with the Butchulla people (the Traditional Owners of World Heritage-listed Fraser Island and the adjacent mainland) on a large number of projects since 2005.

Cultural Heritage Management and Implementation

ARCHAEO staff have been directly involved in the negotiation, facilitation and implementation of in excess of 200 Part 7 Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) and ILUAs. Likewise, ARCHAEO have conducted in excess of 2,000 cultural heritage assessment and management programs in Queensland alone.

Wangan Jagalingou People Cultural Heritage and Management of Country

ARCHAEO has been working closely with the Wangan and Jagalingou people of central Queensland since 2005, working on some of the largest mining exploration and development projects that Queensland has ever seen , such as the Hancock/GVK and the Adani projects located in the Galilee Basin, along with more 'day to day' projects such as road and electricity infrastructure upgrades.

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Our Team Combines Local Knowledge and Technical Experience

Heritage Specialists

Our team consists of built heritage specialists, archaeologists, historians, architects, heritage design specialists, indigenous and cultural heritage specialists. More...

Preferred Consultant Panels

Converge are on the panel of preferrred consultants of:

  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Environment and Heritage (Commonwealth)
  • Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP)
  • Powerlink (Queensland)
  • The Local Buy panel (Queensland)

We consistently aim to exceed the industry standard.  Our work is carried out according to best practice guidelines. Converge develops, documents and maintains its services in accordance to the provisions of the Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9002:2000 and the policies and principles of the Converge Quality System


  • Heritage Strategy
  • Heritage Assessment
  • Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Conservation Management
  • Heritage Planning and Design
  • Compliance / Approvals
  • Indigenous Consultation
  • Native Title
  • Aboriginal Heritage
  • Heritage Interpretation
  • Community Consultation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Facilitation

Our Clients

  • Heritage Architects
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Local Government and Council
  • State and Federal Goverment
  • Resources and Mining
  • Transport and Infrastructure
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Tourism
  • Traditional Owner Groups

Contact Us

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07 4124 1938

07 4031 2355

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