Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

For more than 25 years, Converge Heritage + Community has been working collaboratively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, developers and government authorities to achieve best practice outcomes for cultural heritage across Queensland. Our knowledge, experience and established relationships with Traditional Owner groups enables us to facilitate and expedite outcomes in the interests of all parties and create a foundation for long-term and productive relationships between proponents and Traditional Owners.


  • Community engagement.
  • Systematic surveys, archaeological excavation, artefact accessioning and scientific analysis for broad scale developments and infrastructure programs.
  • Mapping of cultural sites and landscapes, inclusive of undertaking focused consultation with Traditional Owner groups and developing tailor made GIS systems and databases.
  • Cultural heritage zone planning and management for proposed developments.
  • Assistance drafting, negotiating and implementing Cultural Heritage Management Plans and Indigenous Land Use Agreements.
  • Legal and technical advice.
  • Due diligence assessments and technical reports.
  • Preparing and assisting in the delivery of Cultural Heritage Awareness Training and Induction packages.