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Ladislav (Lad) is currently completing a second PhD (Archaeology) at University of Sydney titled “Microliths in Australia and Central Europe: An Instructive Comparison” (due for completion December 2021). Lad has extensive expertise in lithic artefact analysis and has run several workshops on lithic identification and lithic analysis.

Lad has a long track record in organizing and managing archaeological field programs. He also has experience working with Traditional Owners in Queensland, Arnhem Land, and the Pilbara. He has extensive experience writing survey reports and archaeological reports. As a lithics expert, Lad also works as a Sessional Lecturer at the Australian National University and Masaryk University (Czech Republic). He has also successfully applied for research funding, has experience with planning academic research projects that include designing a research strategy, planning and managing field excavations, collating disparate data sets, writing research papers and publishing in high-impact international journals. He has experience with media outputs including interviews for radio, TV and popular magazines and presentation of research results for academic audiences at conferences as well as presentations for the general public.